These SEO stats are well worth knowing

Every business knows that SEO is hugely important in making sure their organisation gets the visibility it needs. Ending up on page two or even halfway down page one of Google’s results just isn’t going to cut it.

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SEO is for everyone

Are you aware just how essential SEO is? Some organisations make the mistake of thinking that because they’re a small local business with a loyal customer base who doesn’t have a particular ecommerce offering, SEO isn’t that important. Wrong! Statistics show just how vital it is to be topping those rankings, even if your business is very local. Location matters!

Keeping it local

For example, nearly half of all Google searches are from users looking for local information. This jumps to nearly all of searches across all search engines. A huge 86% of consumers say they rely on the internet to find local businesses, with a quarter searching for this once a week or more.

Local firms can help; if you are looking for a professional SEO service in London contact Elevate UK. If you’re still not convinced, read on and you’ll see that London professional SEO services are in high demand for a reason!

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Getting the footfall up

72% of people who search for businesses near to them end up visiting a relevant shop just five minutes later. Nearly 80% of searches for local organisations carried out on a mobile device result in someone buying something from a local shop. Mobile is the way forward when it comes to search, with 30% of people using it to check for locations on Google and 86% using Google Maps as their top way to check where something is.

It’s no wonder that over half of “near me” searches end up with the searcher visiting the shop or service they have found through Google. All this clearly demonstrates that even small local businesses could be missing out on a lot of customers and therefore a lot of revenue. Competition is too tough to rely on loyal customers alone, and the simple truth is that if you’re not being seen in searches, you’re probably not being visited nearly enough. Get in touch today to find out more about how to use SEO to drive your business growth.