How a Bondsman Can Help You in a Time of Need

Every now and then we all find ourselves in a situation with the law that causes us to be incarcerated on a new charge. When an event like this happens, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to contact any domestic bail bonds services dayton oh for professional help. Bonds that these services may offer to help you with are secured, personal recognizance, and immigration for those of you who reside in another country. Once you are informed on what bond you are approved for, it is then up to you on whether or not you can meet the conditions of that particular bond.


A secured bond is when the bail bondsman releases you on no cash up front, but on a specific amount that you will have to pay back to the courts if you violate your conditions. Not only will you be required to pay the amount in full back to the courts if you violate, but there is also a chance that you will be given a new charge of violating conditions of your release. If at any moment you feel as if you cannot meet the conditions, ask for a bail hearing to have changes made.

Personal Recognizance

A personal recognizance bond is given to you on the promise that you will show up to your future court date that is specified on the police summons handed to you at the time you were arrested. If you feel that you cannot make it to your hearing, it is important that you have your attorney contact the courts to have the date postponed or set to an earlier date. Not showing up to court will only result in more charges and a bench warrant placed out for your arrest.


If you were unfortunate enough to be caught by a law enforcement officer in the US without papers, chances are you are going to need an attorney and help from a bondsman. A bail bondsman will be able to release you on an immigration bond which requires you to remain within the United States until your court hearing. At your court hearing, you will need to bring personal identification cards, birth certificates and information on your place of work if applicable. You stand more of a fighting chance if you can prove you have been working and providing for your family members.

Bail bonds are given to inmates as a courtesy and on a promise that they will abide by all conditions listed under the terms. Bonds that can be offered to you depending on the severity of your charge are secured, immigration, and personal recognizance. By agreeing to your bail bond conditions, it means that you are unaware of the consequences and charges you will receive if you are to violate them before your court hearing. Once your hearing arrives and you have no violations, you will receive the money back that you posted for your bail.