Could your warehouse benefit from Cantilevered racking?

A cantilever is a structural beam fixed only on one end. This has long been a staple in construction and bridge design, but could a similar feature be used in your warehouse?

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Cantilevered designs are tried and tested, and regularly used in warehouse storage systems, thanks to their simple effectiveness and reliability. Proven by use in bridge construction, cantilevered racking can take serious weight and remove the need for lintels or spars, freeing up space for goods and, of course, ease of access, regardless of the forklifts you use or the size of your unit.

See it in action

If you would like to see uses of cantilevered pallet racking Ireland’s building yards will offer some great examples, as it is the perfect system for long materials with varied weight such as piping and timber.

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Don’t be fooled

At first glance, cantilevered racking systems don’t seem to be capable of taking heavy weights, but appearances can be deceptive. If you still need to be convinced, experienced suppliers such as can provide detailed load-bearing statistics to ensure the system works in your warehouse. Consider the type of forklifts used, expected load size and weight, along with building specifications, to ensure the most suitable system is recommended. For further peace of mind, use the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) to find approved suppliers.


Along with its strength and reliability, cantilevered pallet racking is able to store wide loads, even wider than its span, as braces are not required. This also means accessibility is much improved, offering routes from the front or back. This system also offers flexibility to install it bolted to a wall or to have it free-standing.

All of these varied options mean that the system can be adapted to suit any warehouse, offering managers the opportunity to avoid traditional rigid systems that may not maximise available space.

The system is also very quick to install and can mean the warehouse is ready for deliveries in a short space of time. The system can also be adapted, added to or reduced as the business of the warehouse evolves, providing peace of mind that this isn’t a restrictive or permanent installation. In fact, the system itself can be stored with minimal space required, with a simple bolt-on method of re-installation.