Data Backup Service Selection: 9 Must-Haves

Every modern business absolutely requires a sound plan for data backup. The volume of data handled in virtually every industry and the strict responsibilities – in some cases legal ones – businesses face demand robust, cutting-edge solutions. Old standbys like on-site tape backup no longer deliver the levels of affordability and reliability that businesses need.

1 Better Reliability

Disk-to-disk data backups preserve your most important data on highly reliable drives. This solution is much more reliable than the old tapes. You can have complete confidence in the integrity and accessibility of your data as soon as your backup is completed. Tapes, in contrast, present unacceptable levels of uncertainty. You cannot know if your backup worked unless you attempt to use it, and the frequency of failures delivered by tape restoration is simply unacceptable. As many as 71 percent of tape restorations introduces failures and data errors.

2 Flexible Backup Options

Different service providers deliver a vast range of different backup services. These stretch from consumer-grade solutions to vast data centres designed for large enterprise use along with uninterruptible power supply provided by UPS Battery Shop mean your data is guaranteed accessible anytime. You can easily find scalable solutions that fit your requirements for special features and customer service. Many backup features are actually money savers, such as delta-block and de-duplication technology. Note: When you consider de-duplication, check with your service provider to find out if they work at the block level or the file level. Make sure that your backup … Read More