Top 5 Science Journals that you should read

science journalism

When the knowledge has shared the progress in the field of science is bound to enhance. That is the reason why it becomes highly necessary to communicate the research work so that the researcher can come to know how something works which may help him in presenting some new things. From these types of journals, you can learn many new things and can earn more and more knowledge which ultimately helps you to create some new things.

Thanks to the peer-reviewed science journalism that used to publish and circulate the finding of the latest scientific works. In the market, you will get thousands of journals that concentrate on a seemingly endless list of research areas. But at the same time, it can make you confuse about which science journals you should buy that can help you with your research work. That is the reason why in this article we have come up with the top 10 science journals that you can read for your research work or your project work or dissertation.

The following are some of the reputed science journals that you must read:     

1. Frontiers in Neuroscience: This is relatively a new science journal that was started in the year 2007. But it has quickly risen and made its name in the rank of scientific journals. This journal has already published more than 3500 publications in the field of neuroscience and has a venerated editorial board.

2. Annual review of psychology: This journal generally published a huge range of reviews that are mainly related to psychological research. It provides detailed and thoughtful commentary on various subjects like biological behavior, cognitive processes, human development, etc. Thus this journal is considered to be an esteemed source of knowledge mainly in the field of psychology.

3. The perspective of Psychological Science: This is another most reputed science journal that gives you detailed information about the current state of psychological research. This journal provides reviews, essays, reports, pieces of opinions, etc. that disseminates the thoughts of reputed scientists in the field of psychology. This journal often publishes various psychological measures including learning and instruction which encourages an unbiased approach for understanding the behavior of humans.

4. CHI: CHI is one of the largest selling science journals in the field of human-computer interaction as well as UX design. Reading this journal can help you to promote forward-thinking, data-driven, and science-based approaches. The most essential benefit of this scientific journal is that it is advancing the knowledge of human behavior continuously which is very important for researchers and designers.

5. Research in Engineering Design: This is another most important scientific journal that mainly focuses on design theory and application in the field of engineering. This journal often examines the behavioral process not only from the perspective of a designer but also from the end-user. This journal set apart as a progressive research journal by presenting numerous biosensor based approaches. Hence, this journal can help you in both academic as well as practical applications.