Surrogacy and Genetic material donation best combination

Multitasking in the medical sphere is the feature of the highest importance. The whole process of treatment requires all possible capacities to reach the main goal – the total perfect health of the client.

ADONIS Fertility clinic ensures medical assistance in compliance with the latest world standards on our own basic. The infertility treatment remains one of the main and biggest departments of the clinics. ADONIS Center for Surrogacy and Egg Donation satisfies all requirements and helps with the most difficult health problems. The quality of equipment and experience of the staff is incomparable.

ADONIS Surrogacy Program with Egg Donation main benefits:

  • Total control and safety

With ADONIS medical support the Surrogacy Program with Egg Donation will be a pleasant experience. The all around control beginning from the sanitary conditions to the strict examination of the donors – your total perfect health state is ensured as well as your procreation.

  • Quality equipment for diagnostics and treatment process

ADONIS ‘own embryo laboratory is constructed in full compliance with European standards. The modern equipment includes microscopes, laminar boxes, world-famous manufactured lasers (ORIGIO, K-SYSTEM, ESCO, NIKON), high-quality embryo development environment. Special air-filtration system – all possible facilities for the safety of your baby.

The whole diagnostics are carried out on the basis of ADONIS as well as the Surrogacy treatment actions and lead-out to the delivery.

  • Genetic material on require

ADONIS ‘own donor base accounts for multiple quantities of genetic material for the well-being of our patients. Every donor passes through a multi-stage examination process to confirm perfect health, gene purity and mental appropriateness. The whole list of donor diversity is available. The client’s wishes are always taken into consideration – the color of eyes/hair, nationality, individual features.

ADONIS own Surrogate base is also available with the same precautionary measures undertaken

  • Legality and support

The legal side of Surrogacy and egg/sperm donation is totally approved and stable in Ukraine. The whole list of rights and responsibilities are protected by the law and are indisputable. The rights for the baby are on the side of our clients from the very beginning, both surrogate mother and genetic material donor have no legal grounds to be official parents.

ADONIS’ own Legal Department is your main support and help in the area of documents, registration and other tiniest aspects.

Please, pay your attention that, according to the Ukrainian legislation, infertility treatment using donor genetic materials is allowed only under specific medical indications. The whole process of donation as the donor itself is anonymous and protected by the law.

ADONIS Egg Donation & Surrogacy Center provides infertility treatment using the latest technologies and experience of medical assistance for more than 23 years. The best opportunities for people who want to be parents are ensured. Choose the best fitting program for you and don’t put off your happiness.