Quality customer or Quantity customer which one is best for your business

Customers are the reason a business grows. Little wonder the saying that “customers are always right”, which serves as a stimulating drug to make the customer feel at home and patronize them more. But what kind of customer makes a business successful? The one who buys in bits but comes often or the one who buys in bulk and comes less frequently?

On what kind of customer should business owners look forward to and treat better. The quantity customer or the quality customer? This question forms the bedrock of this write-up and for what others are saying, you can read other customers’ opinions. To answer the question, this work shall first explain what/who a quality customer is and what/who a quantity customer is.

A Quality customer

To know what or who a quality customer is, it’s important to know what the term quality means. It is the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something. A quality customer is a customer who purchases goods in bits but more frequently. This kind of customer comes to buy things on a daily basis, frequents the shop, and provides income to one’s business on a daily basis. A quality customer, though he frequents the shop, buys little goods at a time. A quality customer will also look out for your company name on independent reviews websites on platforms like ReviewsBird.com to drop positive reviews for you when they are happy with your business as opposed to quantity customers that will most likely only leave a review when they are dissatisfied with your product.

A Quantity customer

A quantity customer on the other hand is the opposite of a quality customer. Thus, while a quality customer buys goods in bits and on an almost daily basis, the quantity customer buys in bulk. From the qualifying term – quantity, the quantity customer is not frequently seen. He does not bring in money daily, does not cause income for the owner on a daily basis, but whenever he comes, his purchase may equal or even override the quality customer.

Quality customer vs Quantity customer

Having seen the above distinction, one is poised to ask which of them is more important than the other. While this may seem to be easy, beneath still waters flow mighty currents. While this question can be best answered by business owners, it is important to say also that quality customers can be seen as those who prefer quality products and services to quantity. Thus, if there’s one quality shoe and ten poor quality shoes, the quality customer would go for the one quality shoe as opposed to the ten, thereby choosing quality over quantity. The reverse is the case for the quantity customer, choosing the ten shoes over the one.

Which is good for a business

Should we say that the quality customer is more important than the quantity customer? While it may be tempting to be the umpire and declare one side the winner, it boils down to business owners to decide which is fitting for their business. Some business thrives more on quantity customers than on quality customers while others on quality than on quantity.

As it is said, “variety is the spice of life”. No matter the kind of customer one wants or desires, the state of customer service is what attracts whatever kind of customer to your business. Thus, the customer service should be of high quality.