Prenatal care with total safety and control

The well-developed and high quality prenatal care increases the chances for a healthy birth and well-being of your future baby.

According to the complex of factors ADONIS clinics – are the best Prenatal care clinics which develop individual treatment for your best results.

Prenatal care definition

ADONIS Prenatal care is a type of preventive medicine. It consists of qualitative medical examination, personal recommendations for healthy lifestyle maintenance, the special pull of information concerning the mother’s body changes during the pregnancy period, prenatal nutrition, including prenatal set of care, which prevents potential health problems throughout pregnancy and helps to improve the health of the mother and baby.

ADONIS Prenatal clinics provide the specially developed School of Motherhood with the most essential information for every future mother. 

The Prenatal period lays the basis of future baby health and improves the chances for the highest quality of life of the mother and fetus.

ADONIS medical assistance helps to prevent complications and keeps informed the woman about important steps that protect the baby and ensure healthy pregnancy.

ADONIS regular and good prenatal care for women provides:

  • Experienced staff of professionals 

The best specialists of the Prenatal Care field help every woman to overcome the possible difficulties and select the individually adapted plan of diagnosis and examinations for the best health state. More than 14 doctors from the Fertility Department with on average 20 years of experience – ADONIS clinics provide exceptional and effective medical help.

  • Professional control over the Prenatal course

Possible risks of pregnancy complications are reduced completely when you have all-round care and control. Constant monitoring of existing conditions by ADONIS personal doctors promote the best fetal health and development. Specially equipped ADONIS own laboratory, approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and worldwide standards, ensures the highest level of safety.

  • Affordable conditions and price formation

The most technological treatment doesn’t have to be so expensive like a fortune. ADONIS Fertility believes that medical assistance must be affordable and available for everyone, our Prenatal care Programs cost is lower than it is on the world level. We provide the widest variety of options and services included into the comprehensive treatment which is developed by the world-class ADONIS specialists.

  • Valuable experience and lead up for parenting

The special offer from ADONIS includes the professional School of Motherhood for every patient. The great opportunity for future parents to get to know the tiniest details in the area of child-rearing. The lead up for parenting (especially useful for first time parents) with breastfeeding courses, newborn care and emergency help – the most essential part of every training.

ADONIS Prenatal Care is your opportunity to have the most qualitative treatment for you and your future baby. The best service for children from the first days of life is ensured, with ADONIS!