A $250 million dollar civil tax fraud case was dismissed

A $250 million dollar civil tax fraud case was dismissed

A $250 million dollar civil tax fraud case was dismissed in a Manhattan coirt room. The defendant in the case was Felix Sater, a Russian American businessman. Felix Sater is a former associate of President Donald Trump, and cofounder of real estate company, Tevfik Arif Bayrock.

The real estate company is a part of a qui tam case. A qui tam case is where a whistleblower is allowed to file on behalf of the state. Once filed, te attorney general’s office can chose to persue the charges or not.

A lawyer named, Fred Oberlander, is apparantly the whistleblower for this case against Bayrock. Attorney Fred Oberlander respresented Jody Kriss, former business partner to Felix Sater, in a previous money laundering suit against the real estate company.

Oberlander filed the qui tam complaint based entirely on information that federal judges deemed confidential, and had ordered be removed during the previous case. Attorney Oberlander predicted this case would be dismissed due to the information used for the complaint. Despite this Oberlander made an attempt to get it reconsidered as evidence of the current complaint.

Oberlander and his representing attorney, Robert Wolf, confirmed afterwards that the complaint had indeed been dismissed.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman declined to intervene, and made a statement saying Oberlander had released a false statement to the press stating that Attorney general Eric Schneiderman had given the go ahead on the complaint, when in fact he had advised otherwise. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman also sent a lettrr to … Read More

Well on My Way to a Lucrative Bank Account

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Why You Should Hire Our 4G Internet Kits

Why You Should Hire Our 4G Internet Kits

The best way to connect to a Wi-Fi internet hotspot for your events internet is through the TSI 4G Internet kits. One of the reasons why you may need to hire our 4G kit is that it is reliable and most suitable where one is holding an event with up to 15 people. It is suitable for your short term Wi-Fi internet needs. This kit produces a suitable bandwidth for your events needs. When you have attendees in your event, you can have them connect to the internet through this kit and be assured of high-speed internet. With the 4G Internet kits, you can surf the net, check email and even do what is known as software demos. When you have more than 15 attendees, then you may have to choose other event internet provision modules that are offered by Trade Show Internet.

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How can you improve the professional relationship in a corporate environment

It is important to invest time and efforts in a business relationship in order to get rewarding results in the form of amazing sales and profits. Just like the personal relationship, a professional relationship does need consistent attention for fostering stronger business ties. If you are involved in a business activity, here are the few things that can help in establishing a stronger business relationship.

How can you improve the professional relationship in a corporate environment

Communicate with your client on a regular basis- Your business client should feel important doing business with you and regular communication can play a crucial role in it. You need to keep your business client updated with all the latest and important news related to their business so as to establish a stronger mutual relationship. People can choose any communication mediums like the phone call, Skype, video conferencing/chat, emails and others to build a one-to-one relationship with your business client.

How can you improve the professional relationship in a corporate environment

Take them out for a lunch or coffee- You can easily strike a chord with your business client by taking him/her out for a lunch or coffee and discussing the work over there. It will give a wonderful environment to both of you for discussing business and work. Offer them a wonderful treat at their favourite café or restaurant in order to create a personal rapport and bonding with your client.

How can you improve the professional relationship in a corporate environment

Offer them an amazing corporate gift- Gifting is an important trend that can help in bringing people closer to each other. You can contact any corporate gift suppliers and can order fantastic corporate gifts … Read More

Angel EQT, the Angel Business Club’s new investor service, kicks off in partnership with Britannia’s Gold

Angel EQT, the Angel Business Club’s new investor service, kicks off in partnership with Britannia's Gold

Britannia’s Gold Limited (BGL) is Angel EQT’s first equity investment partner. BGL has been established to finance and oversee the salvage recovery of in excess of £4.5bn of Britain’s gold and precious metals lost at sea to enemy action during World Wars I and II. This partnership offers the general public and current Angel Business Club members an equity investment opportunity where they are able to capture the unique blend of human and financial capital provided by the Angel Business Club and benefit from total transparency and an established interaction and communication between investors and investee companies.

Angel EQT, born out of the Angel Business Club, has announced its inaugural partnership investment venture with Britannia’s Gold Ltd, which is on an important quest to recover substantial cargoes of Britain’s gold and precious metals which were lost at sea during World Wars I and II.

Britannia’s Gold will utilise funding provided by Angel EQT investors to finance the bespoke survey and salvage operations. Working with James Fisher and Sons and Bourbon Shipping, Europe’s two leading subsea and salvage companies, BGL will seek to recover researched and targeted shipwreck cargoes and return them to the UK for the combined benefit of HM Government, investors and merchant marine charities. Raising £10m from equity share capital will enable Britannia’s Gold to finance the entire first salvage programme. If successful, more are planned as BGL has highly developed research on over 700 target “gold carrier” wrecks.

The Angel Business Club was founded in 2015 … Read More