How Much Is Live-in Senior Care?

Find out the cost of live-in care, an alternative to residential care where you can stay independent in your own home in later life, whilst receiving the care you need.


If there is one thing that is completely clear about the future of the UK, it is that the population is ageing. Statistics show that in 2016 18% of the population was over 65 with over 1 in 3 people being elderly in some areas. The same study showed that by 2039, over 74 million people in the UK will be elderly.

Not every elderly person will need care in later life, but many will. Residential care homes are of course an option, but a Live-in Care Hub study showed that nearly 100% of people would prefer not to go into a residential care home if they became unwell or unable to care for themselves.

But that isn’t the only reason elderly care homes aren’t the answer to the increasing need for care. The fact of the matter is that there aren’t enough places to cater for everyone in need of care. There is an issue within the NHS whereby elderly patients are taking up beds when they could leave the hospital, but the staff are unable to place them in a suitable care home and so they have to remain in the hospital bed.

So what is the solution?

There is an alternative to residential care that can be favourable in costs compared to residential care. The same solution … Read More

Will You Be The Fortunate iPad 2 Winner?

One of many first considerations that it’s best to make is that there isn’t any good lead For example, if you purchase 10 leads, there’s a probability that only 10-20% of these leads will become your shoppers. Components like buying authority, budget, lack of need, and so forth can affect your chances of closing a sale.

Uncover what kinds of certifications, permits or licenses would be required of you to own a magnificence salon. It is very important take the necessary precautions to guard your self against litigation or different conditions you would be accountable for. Spa insurance coverage is vital to obtain as well as legal responsibility insurance coverage. Set your self up as an organization or perhaps an LLC which your accountant or authorized consultant will provide help to with. Another vital step in creating your new enterprise can be to have a really clear enterprise define of what you hope to develop and plans for the longer term, in addition to what you plan to supply your clients.

At the bottom, are those who work in retail and or promote commodities, and due to this fact merely just take orders from perspective customers. Not much of actual gross sales expertise needed here. These are basically entry stage gross sales jobs, not positions. The second degree is a person who can close a sale on the spot, with out the necessity of having to make repeated makes an attempt to sell the client, and most importantly, not permitting … Read More

These trends are shaping the hospitality industry

Technology is a huge part of most people’s lives. It shapes the way we work and how we spend our leisure time. And, in 2019, it will shape the future of the hospitality industry as it looks to create more personalised services to meet consumer demand.

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What is changing?

There are four major trends that have been identified in a recent survey by Sabre Corporation, who deliver technological solutions to the travel industry, and Trendwatching, an expert in global consumer trends.

1. Virtual travel companions

While some people travel with family and friends, others travel alone. This might be planned, a chance for them to take a break from the stresses of everyday life and spend some time catching their breath, but this can be lonely. This is where virtual travel companions using artificial intelligence come in. They can be designed with personalities that match those of the individuals themselves, keeping them company on their travels.

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2. Brand awareness

Technology has long been used by brands to raise awareness. With the rise of internet shopping, however, and growth of social media, it is easier than ever for brands to get lost in the shuffle, even those with loyal customers – and for new and innovative brands to make their mark. The key for businesses is to create immersive shopping experiences, ones that make them stand out from the crowd and give consumers something more than just the opportunity to shop.

3. Interactive point-of-sale

When people … Read More

Could your warehouse benefit from Cantilevered racking?

A cantilever is a structural beam fixed only on one end. This has long been a staple in construction and bridge design, but could a similar feature be used in your warehouse?

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Cantilevered designs are tried and tested, and regularly used in warehouse storage systems, thanks to their simple effectiveness and reliability. Proven by use in bridge construction, cantilevered racking can take serious weight and remove the need for lintels or spars, freeing up space for goods and, of course, ease of access, regardless of the forklifts you use or the size of your unit.

See it in action

If you would like to see uses of cantilevered pallet racking Ireland’s building yards will offer some great examples, as it is the perfect system for long materials with varied weight such as piping and timber.

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Don’t be fooled

At first glance, cantilevered racking systems don’t seem to be capable of taking heavy weights, but appearances can be deceptive. If you still need to be convinced, experienced suppliers such as can provide detailed load-bearing statistics to ensure the system works in your warehouse. Consider the type of forklifts used, expected load size and weight, along with building specifications, to ensure the most suitable system is recommended. For further peace of mind, use the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) to find approved suppliers.


Along with its strength and reliability, cantilevered pallet racking is able to store wide loads, even wider than its span, as … Read More

Data Backup Service Selection: 9 Must-Haves

Every modern business absolutely requires a sound plan for data backup. The volume of data handled in virtually every industry and the strict responsibilities – in some cases legal ones – businesses face demand robust, cutting-edge solutions. Old standbys like on-site tape backup no longer deliver the levels of affordability and reliability that businesses need.

1 Better Reliability

Disk-to-disk data backups preserve your most important data on highly reliable drives. This solution is much more reliable than the old tapes. You can have complete confidence in the integrity and accessibility of your data as soon as your backup is completed. Tapes, in contrast, present unacceptable levels of uncertainty. You cannot know if your backup worked unless you attempt to use it, and the frequency of failures delivered by tape restoration is simply unacceptable. As many as 71 percent of tape restorations introduces failures and data errors.

2 Flexible Backup Options

Different service providers deliver a vast range of different backup services. These stretch from consumer-grade solutions to vast data centres designed for large enterprise use along with uninterruptible power supply provided by UPS Battery Shop mean your data is guaranteed accessible anytime. You can easily find scalable solutions that fit your requirements for special features and customer service. Many backup features are actually money savers, such as delta-block and de-duplication technology. Note: When you consider de-duplication, check with your service provider to find out if they work at the block level or the file level. Make sure that your backup … Read More