These SEO stats are well worth knowing

Every business knows that SEO is hugely important in making sure their organisation gets the visibility it needs. Ending up on page two or even halfway down page one of Google’s results just isn’t going to cut it.

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SEO is for everyone

Are you aware just how essential SEO is? Some organisations make the mistake of thinking that because they’re a small local business with a loyal customer base who doesn’t have a particular ecommerce offering, SEO isn’t that important. Wrong! Statistics show just how vital it is to be topping those rankings, even if your business is very local. Location matters!

Keeping it local

For example, nearly half of all Google searches are from users looking for local information. This jumps to nearly all of searches across all search engines. A huge 86% of consumers say they rely on the internet to find local businesses, with a quarter searching for this once a week or more.

Local firms can help; if you are looking for a professional SEO service in London contact Elevate UK. If you’re still not convinced, read on and you’ll see that London professional SEO services are in high demand for a reason!

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Getting the footfall up

72% of people who search for businesses near to them end up visiting a relevant shop just five minutes later. Nearly 80% of searches for local organisations carried out on a mobile device result in someone buying something from a local shop. Mobile … Read More

Is Your Business Still Using ISDN?

In 2017 BT Openreach announced that it would be switching off both PSTN and ISDN networks by 2025. That gave businesses eight years to change to a modern alternative for their telecoms. It’s anticipated that BT will put more pressure on businesses from 2020, although there are clear advantages to moving right now.

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Here we take a look at what ISDN is, how businesses are responding to the announcement, and the benefits of upgrading.


ISDN has been in use for digital transmission since the 1980s. Businesses found that ISDN gave them a high-quality service for both speech and data simultaneously on the same lines. The lines could be leased in increments of 64kbps and used for Internet access, typically at 128 kbps in both directions.

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There are two options for replacing ISDN: SIP and VoIP. Here we will look primarily at the preferred option – VoIP.


Voice over IP (VoIP) is a cloud-based solution that routes phone calls, videoconferences, etc over the internet. This gives businesses a raft of additional features over ISDN:
– Telecoms costs are much lower
– Modern technology is easier to maintain and user-friendly
– Ramp up and down the number of users
– Employees can work from home or in any regional office
– As the system is cloud- and software-based, new features and upgrades are regularly introduced
– VoIP integrates with other systems
– Businesses find that better communication boosts their productivity

So are businesses taking note of … Read More

Improve Gross sales With a Positive Angle

Let us clarify the same with an instance, i.e. an enterprise aiming to establish comprehensive service legal department requirements to hire approximately ten lawyers. Every one is assigned for a number of functions for example, product legal responsibility, affirmative motion and many more. Most enterprises aren’t that enormous in measurement to carry out this task. Consequently, they appoint a regulation agency underneath a retainer contract. Therefore, they needn’t rent a fresh lawyer every time there’s a legal agenda that must be addressed. As a substitute, they’re able to leverage the association that they have set up over a considerable amount of time with the law firms and assist them to manage the issues.

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Phuket is likely one of the most popular and the largest islands of Thailand. There are various issues which collectively introduced the land into global prominence. For example, numerous lovely sceneries, godly sunset view, excessive-customary way of life at moderate price, internationally facilitated hospitals and schools, and fast-fast growth of economic and residential residences and buildings are sure attributions of … Read More

Powerful Flip E book Software Shows Gorgeous Digital Publications

Archive Administration Methods are acknowledged as one of many UK’s main suppliers of Archive Storage providers. In business for over 34 years and used by among the main establishments in the UK, AMS proceed to go from power to energy and immediately, they provide the most safe and cost effective archive storage providers.

For lots of firms at current, using information know-how has become a vital think about whether or not they would be worthwhile or not. Of course, such companies can only go within the desired route if they have the right business info that they need. In instances like these, they would wish to use IT leads with a view to increase their operations. This is very true for firms that supply IT support companies to their clients. To ensure that them to beat the competitors, they would wish to have a whole lot of know-how leads that may information them to profitable markets, not to point out getting a greater chance of making profitable enterprise deals with different firms. It might appear like an uphill battle, considering the competitors, but there are alternatives there that an organization can take advantage of. All they need to use are qualified IT leads.

Even enterprise concepts which are considered as unorthodox have the potential to grow to be true means of acquiring substantial income. It ought to be pointed out nonetheless, that even though only three examples of uncommon business ideas have been discussed in this article, which of course … Read More

How Much Is Live-in Senior Care?

Find out the cost of live-in care, an alternative to residential care where you can stay independent in your own home in later life, whilst receiving the care you need.


If there is one thing that is completely clear about the future of the UK, it is that the population is ageing. Statistics show that in 2016 18% of the population was over 65 with over 1 in 3 people being elderly in some areas. The same study showed that by 2039, over 74 million people in the UK will be elderly.

Not every elderly person will need care in later life, but many will. Residential care homes are of course an option, but a Live-in Care Hub study showed that nearly 100% of people would prefer not to go into a residential care home if they became unwell or unable to care for themselves.

But that isn’t the only reason elderly care homes aren’t the answer to the increasing need for care. The fact of the matter is that there aren’t enough places to cater for everyone in need of care. There is an issue within the NHS whereby elderly patients are taking up beds when they could leave the hospital, but the staff are unable to place them in a suitable care home and so they have to remain in the hospital bed.

So what is the solution?

There is an alternative to residential care that can be favourable in costs compared to residential care. The same solution … Read More