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Scholar Chinese Lessons

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Ruzhe Chu

Ru2zhe3 is Mandarin for scholar or Confucian.
Chu1 is the Beginners' Series.
Available Lessons: 5
Vocabulary to date: 830

Scholar Chinese is an opportunity to learn to speak, read, and write Mandarin Chinese. Each lesson has flashcard vocabulary with test and study modes and a memo that tracks your vocabulary work. Each lesson has multiple dialogs in your choice of Simplified or Traditional characters with audio which can be played back at three different speeds. There is also a glossary of all the vocabulary in the unit. So that all Android versions can flip back and forth between the lessons and the glossary, the Glossary Activity will appear as its own icon with your other apps.

The audio comes from the public domain mp3 files of the Defense Language Institute, Foreign Services Institute and other sources. You can find those on-line for free. This course is derived from my Creative Commons Coyote Chinese project, also freely available on-line, which I created from those sources. But this Scholar Chinese course presents this material reworked and enhanced in the way I wish it had been presented to me. In addition to almost all the dialogs, stories and vocabulary of the two courses, you get simplified and traditional characters, flashcards, and none of the boring stuff. I really wish someone had made these apps for me. I know you will appreciate them.

This first unit is FREE, with NO ADS NO NAGS. The remaining units of this course are published in the marketplace at a price even the humblest of scholars can afford.

Scholar Chinese is simply dedicated to John Lee Hooker, bless his bluesy heart.

PRA Zidian Keyboard



PRA Zidian Keyboard optimized for Chinese-English dictionary apps. The PRA Zidian Keyboard is a tool for use with Chinese-English dictionary apps. IT IS NOT A GENERAL-PURPOSE KEYBOARD. Keyboard includes all pinyin characters, including double consonants, two very common bigrams, and the four tones. If you spend a lot of time on your Pleco or Hanping Pro like I do, you will appreciate the speed and convenience of this keyboard.

Chinese Flashcard Apps

All my flashcard apps use the same engine with different data. So you can install the free HanziJuju to see how they work. All apps have a test mode and a study mode. You can put characters, pinyin or English definitions on the answer side, then any of the others on the question side. Test scores are tracked by the answer side. Study mode links out to the Xiao Ma Mobile Dictionary. Life is short. Let's say something real before we stop breathing.



This app is dedicated to John Lee Hooker's song "Dimples."

HanziJuju has over 23000 Hanzi flashcards, the most common characters in ordinary modern usage, in modern wuxia fiction, and in classical texts. AND now it has the complete HSK levels 1-6 in both Traditional and Simplified characters. And, hey, this is the free one. No ads. Just a free app.


This app is dedicated to John Lee Hooker's song, "Cold Chills All Over Me."

HanziJuju+ extends one of the most complete Flashcard apps in Android with 10000+ more flashcards. All characters in Simplified and Traditional.

Note: HanziJuju+ was formerly Chengyu Juju. I have consolidated all of my general Chinese flashcard paid apps into this one.

NOTE: Poor Richard's Alchemy is not connected in any with the Pimsleur publishers. These are the lists I made when I studied those courses.

Flashcard Mojo

This app is dedicated to John Lee Hooker's song "No Shoes."

Flashcard Mojo uses files on your sdcard for its flashcards. You make your own, name the categories, and set the display size for 2, 3, or 4 different things. Flashcard Mojo lets you set up the cards too. Set one thing for the answer. Put any or all of the others on the question side. This app uses utf-8. So ASCII, en_US, and utf-8 will all fly. There are three example files to show you how it's done. Create your own flashcards, limited only by the available RAM in size. So don't be writin' no 150 Mb flashcard files! This app is now integrated with Filebroom Juju to let you synchronize your flashcard files up and down with an FTP server.

Chinese Texts

Three Little Classics

This collection includes Three Character Classic (sanzijing), Hundred Family Names (baijiaxing), and Thousand Character Work (qianziwen). Traditional Chinese Characters. No English. All works are nicely formatted in the Snorri Reader (included.) Saves your place. Maintains your zoom. Loads a long page in a flash. Scroll to read. Then swipe for the next long page.