A $250 million dollar civil tax fraud case was dismissed

A $250 million dollar civil tax fraud case was dismissed

A $250 million dollar civil tax fraud case was dismissed in a Manhattan coirt room. The defendant in the case was Felix Sater, a Russian American businessman. Felix Sater is a former associate of President Donald Trump, and cofounder of real estate company, Tevfik Arif Bayrock.

The real estate company is a part of a qui tam case. A qui tam case is where a whistleblower is allowed to file on behalf of the state. Once filed, te attorney general’s office can chose to persue the charges or not.

A lawyer named, Fred Oberlander, is apparantly the whistleblower for this case against Bayrock. Attorney Fred Oberlander respresented Jody Kriss, former business partner to Felix Sater, in a previous money laundering suit against the real estate company.

Oberlander filed the qui tam complaint based entirely on information that federal judges deemed confidential, and had ordered be removed during the previous case. Attorney Oberlander predicted this case would be dismissed due to the information used for the complaint. Despite this Oberlander made an attempt to get it reconsidered as evidence of the current complaint.

Oberlander and his representing attorney, Robert Wolf, confirmed afterwards that the complaint had indeed been dismissed.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman declined to intervene, and made a statement saying Oberlander had released a false statement to the press stating that Attorney general Eric Schneiderman had given the go ahead on the complaint, when in fact he had advised otherwise. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman also sent a lettrr to the US Supreme Court notifying them of the misleading press release from Attorney Fred Oberlander. The Attorney General also stating he would keep a close eye on the developments of thr complaint.

Sater’s attorney, Robert Wolf plans to appeal the dismissal because he believes it was dismissed for the wrong reasons. Richard Lerner, another attorney involved in this qui tam case, also plans to appeal the dismissal.

The previous case involving Jody Kriss and Sater, alleged that Sater and his real estate business were involved in illegal activity which includes being owned by the mob, mail, wire, and bank fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, conspiracy, bribery, extortion, and embezzlement.

In the case, Kriss has stated and accused Sater and cofounder Tevfik Arif, of stealing and cheating him out of millions of dollars through the accused illegal activity. At that time, a judge ruled the case could continue as a racketeering case.

Included in the complaint, Kriss stated that Sater and Tevfik Arif begin working with the Trump Organization without disclosing any details about Sater’s criminal past. The collaborations included marketing projects under the Trump brand in 2003. Despite the past partnership, Trump states he would have never agreed to working together had he known about Water’s criminal past.

One project Sater and Trump collaborated on was Trump SoHo, in partnership with Sater’s real estate business. Although Sater’s real estate business offices were located two floors below Trump’s in Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, Trump maintains he would be unable to point out Sater if they were together in the same room.

An anonymous insider has claimed Trump and Sater held weekly meetings together. The source wanted to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation

Trump validates his interest to invest in Russia. Sater is said to have Russian connections. Trump sates Russia is a hot spot for investing right now, which is why he maintains these relationships for his business needs.